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Give your favourite authors some review love

November 15, 2017

I want to take a minute today to write about some­thing that is so impor­tant to all writ­ers who release books.

As a writer, I feel there’s noth­ing more impor­tant than know­ing what your read­ers think of your books.  Whether you’re writ­ing a stand­alone sto­ry, or a series of nov­els set around one char­ac­ter or in a fic­tion­al world, you need to know your read­ers are right there with you.  The prob­lem with this is that it’s so dif­fi­cult to get read­ers to give you feed­back.

We rely on this feed­back to build on the sto­ries we write, to give our read­ers what they want from our nov­els but we can’t do that unless those read­ers take a few min­utes out to let us know.  This can be in the form of a per­son­al mes­sage, quick email, etc and that’s great.  But, for a writer, the best form of feed­back is a pub­lic review of the book you’ve read.  Whether you’ve loved it or hat­ed it, we want to know.  We real­ly do!

I know there are a few writ­ers out there who don’t enjoy get­ting neg­a­tive reviews (who does like hear­ing that some­one doesn’t like some­thing you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into?) but even neg­a­tive reviews have their usages.  When writ­ten cor­rect­ly, they can pin­point issues or show areas that we are strug­gling to con­vey.  Writ­ing a review that con­sists of “This sucks, don’t read it.” isn’t help­ful, but a well word­ed crit­i­cism is often more help­ful than a glow­ing one.

Pos­i­tive reviews are just as impor­tant.  That tells peo­ple who have sim­i­lar inter­ests that the book you’re read­ing might be one they will enjoy too.  Again writ­ing “This is great.” while a very nice stroke to the ego for which all writ­ers will thank you, it doesn’t go far into telling what you enjoyed about it (and, in turn, giv­ing the writer a hint of what might be worth focus­ing on fur­ther).

So, give your authors some love.  Spend five min­utes writ­ing a review on the book you’ve read.  Post it on Ama­zon Goodreads, Library­thing, link to it on FB or Twit­ter.  Like their FB pages, fol­low their Twit­ter accounts.

Let us know you’re inter­est­ed in what we’re doing.  The more we see that, the more we write.  We love our read­ers, we write for them.  We need to know you’re there!

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